24 May 2012

Alexis vs. Jelly

While I was in the bathroom giving Matthew a bath, Alexis had an adventure in the kitchen (a very Lucille Ball moment).

Apparently, she was trying to put the glass jelly jar in the fridge when it broke. Instead of coming to me, she went to the other end of the house (with jelly jar in hand) to tell Madison. Half way down the hall, she dropped it again. After she decides it need to go to the trash somehow drops it 2 more time in transit. She proceeded to try to clean the whole thing up using an entire roll of paper towels.

So, I get Matthew out of the bath, dried off and dressed, go to grab him a cup, and STEP in this large pile of cold Strawberry Jelly. Lexi, in her shaky, confused, sweet little voice tells me, that she dropped the jelly jar. At this point I try to tell her that we need to clean it up (I still think it is just a small spot of jelly). All of the sudden I see another pile of jelly and another (what has this tiny little girl done). We get every bit of it mopped up, swept, and taken care of when I open the fridge and see the ORIGINAL MESS! I could do nothing but laugh and share with you :)

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