19 April 2012

Don't want to be lazy

I Don't want to be lazy, it is just so easy.......
I am not a self-motivated person. I work best with a boss, somebody telling me what to do. At times, it is hard for me to be a “stay at home mother” (depending on myself to get done, the things I need to do). The problem is, it is very easy for me to “sit down”.  I will start coloring with the boys, have a snack and turn on the TV, then 5 hours later, I need to pick the girls up from school, and nothing has been done! I am not saying that that is every day, but I admit that it does happen about once a week, NOT GOOD!

I am choosing to go on a self-motivating quest!

To become a better “Stay At Home Mommy” a better “Mom” a better “Wife” and a better “Me”. I am going to find the best ways to keep ME on task! (even if it means setting a for 10 minute intervals). This is going to be an ongoing a part of my blog, as a way to keep me accountable.

To start I am going to set a time line and specific goals for myself.

This should be good for myself and for my family, and if anyone out there is able to get something out of it (well that is just a tiny bonus) and if anyone out there has ideas, theories, motivational tools, limericks, WHATEVER, to help me with this. PLEASE TELL ME!             




More to come!

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  1. Good luck, this is something that I have struggled with for years. Sometimes it is so hard to find a balance.