28 February 2012

Coaching T-Ball

New adventure in my life is starting this week!

I am going to coach my sons T-Ball team.

At first it didn’t sound hard, then I started think about everything that needs to be done (the rules, bylaws, Beginning of the season, Equipment, Catching, Throwing, Fielding, Hitting, Base running, Pre game preparation, Game situations) and the intimidation started.

So, what did I do?....... I “googled it”. I found some information, but for the most part, ever blog website, article I found wanted me to PAY for a manual to “learn the secrets of coaching”.

This annoyed me! I am a parent trying to VOLUNTEER for my children’s activities.

Now, I am determined to figure this out, and not buy some ”how to run in circles with 5 year olds” book.

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