06 December 2011

Sometimes all I need is a padded room :)

My dearest husband, if you ever wonder why I am beyond crazy-frazzled and a bit indecipherable when you get home, it’s because every morning life goes like this…..

30 minutes to get out of the house: “Girls get dressed!” change boy diaper, fined shoes (how did they get in the dogs food bag?!?!?). Lunch, lunch, lunch, coffee. Brush and fix girls hair, cereal bars and apples in a bag to eat in the van.

5 water bottles, 4 coats, 3 lunches, 2 backpacks, 1 gym bag, 1 purse and still half my sanity!


Andrew: “I have to poop :)”

Me: “Why? Every single time I say, “to the van”. You say, “have to poop” WHY!??”

Count 1,2,3,4 kids in the van, all buckled, tossing breakfast at their heads, telling them to stop poking each other, and pulling back into the driveway (to grab the lunch sitting in front of the garage).

All before 7a.m.

Moreover, I have 9 more hours to add to this fun level of insanity before you get home for dinner. I truly love and embrace, our awesome, hectic, goofy family, and would never-ever change a single thing. Nevertheless, if you ever wondered why I am over-enthusiastic to see you walk in the door at night :) well, It’s because I Love you :)

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