12 October 2011

Fabulous uses for Coffee grounds

Instead of dumping those java gems into the trash, try some of these tips and tell us how they worked for you!

For your beauty needs

  • Coffee grounds get rid of cellulite…here’s the recipe

Mix ¼ cup warm, used coffee grounds with 1 T. olive oil. Apply mixture to your problem areas while standing over a towel or newspaper. Wrap yourself up with cling wrap (but don’t go rushing to answer the door, it won’t be pretty). Leave on for several minutes, then unwrap and brush the loose grounds off of you and hop in a warm shower. Repeat 2x a week for best results.*

  • Rub old coffee grounds on your hair in the shower, it will soften and add shine. And if you’re a natural brunette, it will add highlights!
  • Pat on your skin, massage and rinse for an exfoliating skin treatment.

For around the house

  • Great fertilizer for your indoor plants because of the nutrients found in coffee.
  • Coffee grounds are a great all-natural ant repellent.
  • Place the old grounds in a bowl and place in the freezer as a great odor-absorber and add a splash of vanilla for a great smelling freezer.
  • Rub on your hands after chopping those pesky smelling foods
  • Sprinkle your fireplace with wet coffee grounds to keep the ashes from becoming a huge dust cloud as you clean them out.
  • You can also use them wet to remove furniture scratches. Simply apply grounds with a damp q-tip to fill in the scratches, allow to sit for 5-10 minutes and buff with a dry towel to remove any loose particles that could stain clothes.

For pets, gardens and everything else

  • Use coffee grounds in your freshly tilled soil before planting or add to your compost bin. After your seeds bud and begin to surface work the coffee grounds close to the stem of the plant to help repel snails and slugs. Also keeps the neighborhood cats from using your garden for their personal business.
  • Before planting your carrots and radishes, mix the seeds with coffee grounds for a boost to your harvest.
  • Use old pantyhose as a “sachet” to pull odors from your closets.
  • Dye paper or fabric with a mix of used coffee grounds and warm water to create an “antiqued” effect.

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