28 September 2011

Tips for Marriage after kids

12 Ways Parenthood Can Draw You Closer  

1. Commit to getting the kids in bed by 8p.m. each night so you and your husband can enjoy some time awake together.  

2. Read a parenting book together, aloud, when the kids are in bed. Discuss what you read. 

3. Find parenting techniques you both agree on; it is oddly gratifying to hear your husband backing you up by parenting in the same way you do.  

4. Pray for each child with your husband and ask God to help you be the best parent possible.  

5. Date night; go out at least twice a month; commit to discussing the children for no longer then half of the time together.  

6. Celebrate together you child's growth-whether he learned to tie his shoes or he told the truth.  

7. Discuss what you think each child needs to learn, and what you both need to be teaching your child in your own unique ways.  

8. Consider how your child is echoing your own behavior and mannerisms; be open to how this might be a negative reflection that you should change-for you, for your spouse, and for your child.  

9. Family dinners: they really are important. It may be macaroni and cheese at the kitchen table, but sit down every night that it's possible, as a family, and chat about your day while you eat.  

10. Send funny emails to your husband at work(or get him to send you funny emails at your work) about great things kids say.  

11. Have sex once in a while, even if you don't feel like it-your husband will appreciate that you're prioritizing his needs above the family's  

12. Dream about your child's future together. What are you working for? Do you want to pay for her college education? Do you want her to travel around the world? Spend with extended family? Together, invest in today to make the most of her tomorrow.  

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